Symptom Targeted Intervention

Symptom Targeted Intervention (STI) is an evidence-based clinical program and toolkit for depression, anxiety and burnout.

And counting...Thousands of clinicians have trained in STI since 2011. STI is used in 5000+ medical clinics in the US and Canada.
“STI is the best chance we have at helping patients engage more with their own health care.
We’re improving clinical outcomes and saving money by decreasing missed treatments. We are also seeing a decrease in our hospitalization rate.”
RN Manager, Florida clinic
"My wife was going through a hard time so I used some of the STI interventions with her. She began to use some of these techniques when she got stressed at work and it helped. It has made our marriage much better. She is more able to talk about what she is thinking and feeling. STI is a really good program!"
Harry Lovell, MSW
Social Worker, Las Vegas, NV

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