Social Media Ethics


Social Work, Social Media, and Ethics

by Sean Erreger 10 Lessons in

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Using social media as a component of social work practice can present opportunities but also comes with some risks. This course will provide a framework on how social work can be better prepared for the ethical challenges facing social workers utilizing social media. One will see how a social media policy is necessary for social workers developing a social media presence and it can reduce ethical challenges.  This course will teach you to weigh the benefits with the potential ethical risks. This course is intended to help you maximize the benefits of social media without placing yourself in ethical risk. It will also provide you with tools and resources to help build you build your presence. You may preview the course goals and rationale below.  If at anytime you have a question prior to enrollment please feel free to contact the course designer below Sean Erreger, LCSW . There is also a $25.00 non-ceu version of the course at his website.